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Summit Agro China Co., Ltd (former “Guangzhou Tonglian Summit Agro Co.,Ltd) founded in 1999 is the foreign-invested company of  Sumitomo, one of the world’s top five hundred companies.

The investor  Sumitomo is a large group with six major departments in metal, transport conveyor & construction conveyor, infrastructure construction, multi-media & ICT, life & real estate property, resource & chemical. Its business now spreads across 66 countries and regions in the whole world. In the field of agricultural chemical, Sumitomo has established agrochemical affiliated companies in more than 20 countries on four continents (Europe, America, Asia, Middle East and Africa) and specializes in the manufacturing, marketing promotion and sales business of agricultural chemicals and materials. Summit Agro China Co., Ltd exactly shows the ambition of Sumitomo in exploiting Chinese market and investing in agrochemical distribution business in Asia.

Summit Agro China Co., Ltd has three leading departments including Agrochemical Department, Environmental Health and Pharmacy Department and International Business Department, and primarily specializes in the wholesale, import & export, and other related business of pesticide, fertilizer, chemical and environmental health pharmacy.

In the field of agricultural chemical, the company possesses import-export operation right and domestic franchise. Throughout development for years, the company now has established a long-run and stable strategic partnership with multiple cross-national pesticide, fertilizer and plant nutrition producers led by United Phosphorus (India), DNK (Japan), Nippon Soda Co.,Ltd (Japan), Acadian (Canada), Isagro Spa (Italy), Agria S.A (Bulgaria), Nippon Kayaku (Japan), Bayer (Japan), SDS Biotech (Japan), De Sangosse (France), Agronutrition (France) and famous domestic pesticide processing manufacturers. Adhering to the quality policy of “integrity, profession, and service for Chinese agriculture”, the company positively focuses on global agrochemical product research, development and application trend, and cooperates with all major plant protection supply and distribution systems in over 30 provinces, cities and municipalities to establish a wide distribution network. According to local agricultural structure, climate, social customs and plantation habits, it is devoted to offering all-round and precise plant protection services to Chinese agricultural growers. The Agrochemical Department has built a professional marketing promotion team and product technical service team, and developed deep plowing pesticide application technology and plant protection technology. Inspired by advanced experience in foreign countries, the company provides high-efficient solutions for crop insect pests and weeds, and offers pharmacy technical instructions for experiment and demonstration. Targeted at crops, it proactively explores planting technologies, optimizes planting plans, and compiles control calendar to practically solve difficulties for farmers. For the past few years, in cooperation with plants at home and abroad, it explores the development of mixture, and releases multiple successful mixture products like polyoxin mixture and thiophanate-methyl, therefore optimizing cost, improving efficiency, offering more diversified and superior choices to Chinese agricultural growers, increasing the interaction between plants at home and abroad, and activating more potentials.


In the field of environmental health and pharmacy, the company has been the agent of international large pesticide companies like Sumitomo Chemical and Mitsui Chemical, and established long-term stable partnership with many companies like Guangzhou Liby Group, Chengdu Rainbow Appliance Group, American Johnson (Shanghai). At the same time, it promotes the technical exchange with domestic companies and famous companies in Japan, develops the import and OEM business for Japanese daily articles and seeks further development.


In the field of international business, the company takes advantage of Sumitomo’s giant overseas client network to quickly integrate supply and demand, price and capacity demand, export quality Chinese agrochemical products abroad, and develop stable cooperation relations for domestic and overseas plants.


The company possesses a sound supply chain system and stable and high-efficient product QQR code logistics tracking system, trusts in secure warehouse and logistics partners, and passes ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification. In the future, it will further explore opportunities, prioritize clients and users, seek mutual benefit with suppliers and distributors, create a leading brand in the agricultural capital circulation field of China, continually improve corporate operation mechanism to achieve the business philosophy of “integrating global resources and servicing Chinese agriculture industry”.